RNA/DNA analysis for biomarkers and therapeutics

RNA Analytics

Are you developing a biomarker, API, aptamer or similar based on a nucleic acid? – We have the right analytics for you!

  • Nucleic acids and oligonucleotides
  • Quantification in various biological matrices
  • Standardized and reproducible methods
  • Highest quality through GLP certification
  • More than 20 years of experience in bioanalysis

Substance Group




RNA Therapeutics: AntagomiRs

small non-coding RNAs:
miRNAs (precursors and mature)


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Our service for you

We quantify all nucleic acid molecules under GLP for you and develop standardized and reproducible procedures that will bring you to FDA/EMA approval.

Your project is our project!

During the project, we stay in close contact and suggest the most suitable approach for your individual case, so that you receive the best results.

Prolytic is involved in two research projects to quantify miRNA in plasma. Together with TU Darmstadt Prolytic develops the miRNA- 574-5p as biomarker.

You can find out more about our research projects at https://www.prolytic.de/research/

In the 20 years that we have been active on the market, we have perfected our services. Benefit from our many years of experience and high quality and safety standards thanks to GLP!

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What our customers say

„Whether GLP-, GCP-analysis, method development work (non-GLP) or complex analytical questions, with Prolytic we have found a competent and trustworthy partner, with whom we are always happy to work with again.”- MetrioPharm Deutschland GmbH
``Prolytic is our analytical partner throughout the entire drug development process. Such a long and complex process requires a laboratory you can trust. Professional yet flexible, Prolytic accompanies us through the preclinical and clinical phases.``- Omeicos Therapeutics GmbH

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