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Kymos and Prolytic merge to become Kymos Group

With the German CRO joining the European group, Kymos will strengthen its activity in the biologics and advanced therapies market and broaden its services portfolio while offering three local sites in Europe Barcelona, Spain, and Frankfurt, Germany, September 28, 2020 – Kymos S.L. and Prolytic GmbH announce today the completion of a successful... weiterlesen →

“We return to our roots”

Prolytic GmbH uses modern analytical methods to provide important information on the tolerability of active medical ingredients for humans. Prolytic GmbH was formed in 2003 from parts of ASTA Medica AG - a subsidiary of Degussa AG. Prolytic co-founder and managing director Dr. Dorothee Krone already worked for ASTA Medica... weiterlesen →

New sponsorships

Seven years ago we decided to start a sponsorship with the World Vision organisation for two children, Dah Ould Sidi Med and Salah Ould Aly, in Mauretania. Now after accompanying the two boys for such a long time, we were informed, that the World Vision project “El Mina” in which... weiterlesen →

NEW: Parallel Line Assay

We now offer new biostatistical evaluation features using our new software "PLA Software 3.0 from Stegmann Systems". During the quality control process, the biological activity of drugs must be analysed and this can be carried out using a potency assay an example of which being the Parallel-Line Assay. In this... weiterlesen →

NEW: Enzyme activity assay under GLP

We can perform enzyme activity assays under GLP-conditions. When drugs are enzyme-based or your drug intervene in an enzymatic reaction these can be quantified by means of the biocatalytic activity. This is carried out by providing a synthetic substrate to the enzyme. By measurement of the product and the turnover... weiterlesen →

Research at Prolytic

In the course of the last months we, at Prolytic, have successfully carried out various interesting research projects. Here you will find a short overview of these recent research activities: Topical application The amount of drug administered can often be significantly reduced through topical application. This then results in the... weiterlesen →

Determination of Bisphenol A in different matrices

Recently, there has been a huge debate in science about Bisphenol A (BPA). This substance can be found in several daily used items like CDs, micro wave dishes, baby bottles but also dental inlays. Now it is the question, how dangerous this substance is. Does it already have mutagenic or... weiterlesen →