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New sponsorships

Seven years ago we decided to start a sponsorship with the World Vision organisation for two children, Dah Ould Sidi Med and Salah Ould Aly, in Mauretania. Now after accompanying the two boys for such a long time, we were informed, that the World Vision project “El Mina” in which Dah, Salah and their families participated, has successfully been completed. We are very happy to see that our help has been fruitful and the children, their families as well as the whole community are now able to continue the work on their own. Nevertheless, we are sorry to not be part of Dah’s and Salah’s life anymore. We wish them all the very best for their future.

Sadly there are still so many children in need who are waiting for help. Therefore, we will continue our social engagement within another World Vision program called “Diangounté”. Our new children are called Madala Sissako and Mody Sambake and they in live in Mali. Both boys come from crofter families, whose livelihood depends on successful farming of the land available to them. Many children in this project suffer from malnutrition and have insufficient access to clean drinking water. Furthermore, hygiene standards are poor and opportunities to gain an education are almost non-existent.

We hope that our sponsorship we will enable an improvement in Madala’s and Mody’s living conditions and prospects so that they and their families can start the new year with a brighter future ahead of them.